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* Warrenty - Vortex propellers are backed by Michigan Wheels limited lifetime warranty

* Precision Balanced Blades, significantly reduce vibration

* Performance aluminum propellers,designed by the leading propeller manufacturer since 1903

*Optimal Blade Thickness. Each blade is carefully engineered thin enough to maximize performance. But, thick enough to provide long lasting durability.
* Flared Hub Design keeps exhaust from causing speed robbing venelation blow-out.

* High performance blade geometry. Higher degree reke and progressive pitch design results in a better combination of top end speed, dead start acceleration.

*High Gloss Powder Coat protects aluminum. Minimizes speed loss from drag, reduces corrosion and looks great on any boat
* Cupped Trailing Blade Edge extends past the blade tip to better grab and hold water

* Exchangeable Hub System. Vortex series propellers are designed to use Michigan Whells XHS hub system or Mercury’s Flo-Torq 2 hub system.
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