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Are you experiencing difficulties with pitch, speed and balance?

We can restore a majority of damaged propellers to original specifications.

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Independent Marine Propeller has perfected repair techniques which result in your current propeller looking and working as well as a new one . In addition, all of our repairs, refurbishments and customizations comply with the National, Navy, and 484 International Standards. Send us your contact details or talk to us directly about efficient propeller repairs nationwide . We have been in business since 1946 and pride ourselves in our high level of customer service.


Services: Propeller analysis Balancing Propeller Reconditioning Propeller Repitching and diameter reductions Shaft Straightening High Polish Vibratory Finishing Hub Repair Skeg/Cavitation plate replacement

What can our propeller repair service do for you?

Restore optimal functioning: Propellers may need to be repaired or serviced even when they do not show visible signs of damage. A marine propeller that is not functioning at full capacity can mean a drain on fuel, reduced speed and unnecessary rocking and rolling. This translates into a loss of revenue for your commercial tanker, fishing boat or luxury yacht. It may hinder your efforts to meet with strict deadlines and lead to reduced safety. Our skilled technicians can fix pitch angles, weld missing material to return the propeller to full diameter wherever possible, and polish or paint it to look as good as new. Call us to book your free propeller scan right away.
Perform accurate repairs: Whether you own a commercial fleet or personal weekend cruiser with aluminum, stainless steel, bronze or nibral (nickel, aluminum and bronze) marine propellers, our skilled repair service can ensure that your propeller is giving you optimum performance. We can straighten blades, restore and balance, add or replace a cup and change hubs to have your boat up and running again in just one week. We employ HIGHLY SKILLED MACHINISTS that use the latest straighting and balancing equipment to carry out repairs with absolute precision. Get in touch by phone or e-mail us in Oregon, Washington or any where in the Nation, and we will schedule your repair based on your needs.
Help reduce cost: Why buy a new propeller when you can possibly repair the current one for a quarter of the cost. Propeller repairs carried out by Independent Marine Propeller will synchronize propeller loading, improve speed and fuel economy and minimize vibration and noise. Contact us for efficient repairs and you can browse our quality, used propellers section for a spare. We even stock vintage propellers for those one-of-a-kind aged boats.

Call us now and see a dramatic improvement in the performance of your marine propeller.
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